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Extended Interviews covering the following subjects

You've seen the movie, now experience the extended interviews of Peruvian Shaman Fredy Quispe Singona and Mexican Cuandera Maria Teresa Valenzuela that didn't make it into the film due to time constraints.  These interviews are being provided gratis -- as Maria says this knowledge belongs to everyone and is not for sale -- as they each give insight from their own cultures and the indigenous nations regarding subjects including:
* Mayan Prophecy of 2012 and the Alignment of the Planets
* How to Recognize True and False Prophets
* The Rise of Feminine Energy on Earth
* Herbal Remedies
* Indigenous Prophecy
* Atlantis and Lemuria
* The Amazonian Women
* Secrets of Machu Picchu
* The Prophecy of the Condor and The Eagle
* Correlation between Pachamama and Abuse of Women
* The Importance of Crystals
* The story behind Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Teachings of Guadalupe
* The Prophecy of the Corn People
* Prophecy:  Apparitions, Guadalupe, the Catholic Conversion, Born to Die

Mayan Prophecy December 21, 2012

Introduction to 2012 Prophecy - Alignment of the Planets

Navajo Prophecy

Curandera Maria Teresa Valenzuela shares Navajo Prophecy connecting the past with the present.

Masculine - Feminine Energy - Why the Abuse of Women?  How it relates to Mother Earth.

Peruvian Shaman Puma Fredy Quispe Singona takes us into the Temple of the Moon (the Womb of Mother Earth) in Cusco, explaining the significance of the masculine-feminine energy and how it plays out on our planet.  Why the abuse of women verbally and physically exists, and how political leaders condemn women referring to them in derogatory terms is all related to the those same men who have no respect for nor feel a duty to protect our Mother Earth.

Mayan Prophecy - Time of No Time

Curandera Maria Teresa Valenzuela shares more Mayan Prophecy - Time of No Time

The Importance of  Crystals

Edemir Rossi and Fredy "Puma" Quiseppe Signora explain the Importance of Crystals in our Lives

Prophecy of The Condor and The Eagle

The Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle - Curandara Maria Teresa Valenzuela

Using Meditation to Open the Portals of  Light

Spiritual Healer Edemir Rossi explains how meditation connects us to the Big Mind via the Portals of Light.

The teachings of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Toltec and Aztec - Cyles of Change

Curandura Maria Teresa leads us through indigenous teachings that include Understanding, Renovation, Equilibrium and Destiny as how each relates both to our planet, as individuals and collectively.  Are you where you are meant to be?

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