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The Journey of Keepers of the Light

It has been ten years since the experience of this film took place. It took another two years to complete filming, editing, private screenings and the festival circuit. In 2010, the film "Keepers of the Light" received the Award of Merit from the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. Shortly thereafter the film was included in The Documentary Edge New Zealand Trust Library Resource Center, Auckland, New Zealand. In 2012, the film gained first distribution for North America from Gaia, Inc. In 2014, Indie Reign contacted the producer and a second distribution deal for non-exclusive Worldwide Distribution was signed excluding North America. In August 2016, Gaia, Inc., contacted the producer again and the revised the original distribution of the film from North America to Worldwide Distribution. The feedback from those who watched the film in private screenings and then after distribution via download of the film have been tremendous. It is my hope that you all will enjoy the extended interviews of the shamans from South America ... a long time coming. The messages are still as relevant today as when they were first delivered. I hope this film and the messages transform your life as it has done mine.

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